Video: Board of Directors Meeting: January 26, 2019

Association News, Member News

1. Call to Order

2. Member & Director Comments

3. Action: Appointment of Board Member Officers, Board of Directors

4. Action: Consent Calendar, Board of Directors

5. Committee/Task Force Reports, Committee/Task Force Chairs

6. Action: 2019 Committee Goals, Committee Chairs

7. Discussion: Town of Truckee Evacuation and Emergency and Emergency Preparedness Plans, Bob Womack, Emergency Services Coordinator

8. Action: Tahoe Donner Fire Safety, Bill Houdyshell, Forester

9. Action: Approve Inspector of Election, Accountancy Firm and Review Fair Campaign Guidelines and 2019 Election Procedures, Bette Rohrback, Elections Committee Chair

10. Action: Truckee Fire Protection District of Nevada County Ordinance 01-2019, TDA Staff

11. Lunch with the Membership

12. Executive Session (Closed to Members)

13. Executive Session Report

14. Discussion: Quarterly Capital Projects Spending – Actual v. Forecasted, Forrest Huisman, Director of Capital Projects

15. Discussion: Trout Creek Expansion Project Report, Forrest Huisman, Director of Capital Projects

16. Discussion: Annual Recreation Fee, Robb Etnyre, General Manager

17. Discussion: Member Comment – Proposed 2019 Covenants Fine Schedule, Annie Rosenfeld, Director of Risk Management and Real Property

18. Action: Capital Projects, Forrest Huisman, Director of Capital Projects

19. Discussion: Key Performance Indicator Report, Robb Etnyre, General Manager

20. Executive Session (Closed to Members)

21. Adjournment (Not Recorded)

22. Potential Future Board Agenda Items (Not Recorded)