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Stage Three: Conceptual Design


The Downhill Ski Resort (DSR) Task Force met on Monday March 5th. Our consultant ECOsign is on schedule to provide their final report for April. This report will provide a foundation for the Task Forces GPC and Board recommendations, currently scheduled for later this summer.

Communication plans are rolling out, including outreach and scheduling of Downhill Ski Resort Discussion Groups, described below. The Task Force’s next Discussion Group is scheduled for Saturday, March 17th with the TD Lodge Condo Association.

An Open House for all members to increase their knowledge of Task Force’s findings and direction, as well as to share member views, is being planned for mid-May. Lastly, a robust discussion was held confirming the Task Force’s direction on recommending that a new Lodge be built, as well as developing a business plan to bridge the gap in time from today to the date the new lodge is open.  We expect the business plan to be complete in mid-May.

Discussion Groups are being formed with groups that want to learn more about the Downhill Ski Resort Task Force's research, analysis and potential recommendations, and to provide feedback to the Task Force.

These sessions are hosted by members of the Task Force, with groups of approximately five TD members at a time. Groups from the Ski Bowl Condo Association and the TD Senior Ski Group recently attended Discussion Groups, and the Task Force would like to invite other TD members to participate.

The Discussion Group agenda includes:

  • Project objective and a review of the Capital Projects Process
  • Who has volunteered for the project
  • The Task Force's work to date, and what's next
  • Information about ECOsign, our consultant, and ECOsign's preliminary report
  • A discussion about the lodge
  • A review of the recommendations the Task Force has made, and what recommendations have yet to be made
  • Next steps for the Task Force

The initial Discussion Group meetings were interactive, informal, and educational, with information flowing both ways.  Learnings from the first two sessions included:

  • Thoughts on who else may be interested in a Discussion Group
  • Input on the Task Force’s recommendations regarding the lodge
  • Recommendations on parking, egress from the lodge to parking, funding concepts, and "doing it right the first time"

If you have a group of members interested in participating in a Downhill Ski Resort Discussion Group, or you would like to participate as an individual with other members, please contact Jim Beckmeyer, DSR Task Force Lead at

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