Community Safety + Emergency Preparedness

Tahoe Donner is like no other homeowners association in the country because of its location, mountainous terrain, dynamic weather, wildland-residential interface and expansive amenities. Because of its location, residents should be aware of their environment and the potential hazards including but not limited to wildfire, earthquakes, fierce winter storms, wild animals and insects, and possible man-made disasters such as train derailment or tank accidents on I-80, all of which have the potential of affecting Tahoe Donner.  Tahoe Donner is committed to safety by helping to educate, communicate and provide resources to members for emergency preparedness and incident information in the region in addition to being an active participant in local emergency response planning.

Make good decisions - Know your plan -  Prepare for the worst case scenario - Obey warnings/signs - Use caution

REMINDER: For emergency call 911. Non-emergency dispatch can be reached at (530) 550-2320.