2021 Defensible Space Inspections | Your Property's Frontline Defense Against Wildfire

2021 Defensible Space Inspections | Your Property's Frontline Defense Against Wildfire

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Tahoe Donner Forestry Department staff would like to congratulate and thank you for your efforts in creating a fire-safe community. Tahoe Donner has been recognized as a Firewise USA® community again for 2021.

Creating and maintaining defensible space around your home can dramatically increase your home’s chance of surviving a wildfire. It will also improve the safety of firefighters defending your property.

During the fall of 2020, defensible space inspections took place within all of Unit 8 lots 1-608 and Unit 2 lots 1-391. Properties that were found to be noncompliant will be reinspected beginning June 2021. Areas subject to reinspection to complete compliance verification include properties located on Northwoods Boulevard, Zurich Place, Hidden Circle, Hansel Avenue, St. Bernard Drive, Chamonix Road, Falcon Point Place, Lausanne Way, Bennett Flat Road, Mougle Lane, K T Court, Tundra Drive, Bavarian Way, Kitzbuhel Road, Sitzmark Way, Munich Drive, Nordic Lane and Schussing Way.

• Inspection notifications will be sent electronically instead of physically via USPS.
• Members whose properties will be subject to this year’s defensible space inspection zone have been provided with a reminder email showing an outline of the inspection process.
• This electronic notification will serve as a 45-day notice to inspect.
• Members will also receive a reminder email notification at least 45 days before their inspection date.

Watch your email inbox and junk folder for reminder emails and add nchristensen@tahoedonner.com to your safe sender list. If you need to update your email address, please go to tahoedonner.com/contact-update

To request a reinspection, complete the online request form at tahoedonner.com/defensible-space.

Tahoe Donner residents should familiarize themselves with the complete rules and guidelines for defensible space inspection standards for both developed and undeveloped lots. Detailed guidelines can be found at tahoedonner.com/defensible-space.


No branches within 10 feet of chimney, roof and eaves.

Firewood, lumber or any flammable material should be stacked 30 feet from the structure; make sure it is stacked on your property. Old, unused or decomposed firewood must be removed. Firewood rounds cannot be left on the property; wood must be split and stacked neatly.


Excessively dense tree cover must be thinned, which generally applies to trees under 10 inches in diameter that are growing without proper spacing from one another or growing under the canopy of larger trees.

Areas of continuous brush must be broken up. No brush may be underneath the dripline of trees. Flames can reach three times the height of brush or more. Cut brush back so that it stays low to the ground.

This highlights a few items to be considered for defensible space. Please view full guidelines at tahoedonner.com/defensible-space.com.

Covenants and restrictions require that each lot be maintained annually to not create a fire hazard. Failure to comply may result in a hearing and possible fine from the Covenants Committee. Covenants Rules can be found under “Homeowner Guidelines” at tahoedonner.com/members.

If you have questions about the defensible space program, please visit tahoedonner.com/defensible-space or email defensiblespace@tahoedonner.com.

Tahoe Donner Forestry Department inspectors will walk through your property in order to complete defensible space inspections. Authority for these inspections comes from the State of California Public Resources Code 4291, Truckee Fire Protection District Ordinance 94-1 and Tahoe Donner Association C&Rs Article VIII, Section 1 (a) iii and iv.