Amenity Access Policy

With encouragement from the membership and board, staff are working to address the current amenity access policy, which includes the annual Recreation Fee. This is in alignment with Strategic Plan goal 2.3 to ensure equitable, appropriate and cost-effective utilization of Tahoe Donner amenities and programs.

To view the current policy, click here.


Today, the Annual Assessment includes four membership cards per property to access private amenities. Up to four additional cards may be purchased per year for a fee. Cards are assigned to specific individuals on a property, which offer discounted member rates.

Paying the optional Recreation Fee each year is a valid option for all card-holding members to gain unlimited access at the following private amenities:

  • Tennis Center
  • Beach Club Marina
  • Trout Creek Recreation Center
  • Pools
  • Snowplay

Without the Recreation Fee, card-holding members have to pay a Daily Access Fee at these private amenities. In addition to member cards, each property is allowed two transferrable guest cards. These allow up to four people into a private amenity per card. Guests are required to pay a discounted guest access fee when accompanied by a member.

Approximately 44% of annual revenues generated at Recreation Fee amenities come from the Recreation Fee itself. The remaining revenues are generated through retail sales, lessons, rentals, Daily Access Fees and food/beverage sales.


To ensure a transparent, member-centric, widely accepted and sensible outcome, this process is being constructed on a foundation of member outreach. An outreach plan includes education and information through community focus groups. Feedback gained will be crafted into a member survey, and this data will be used at future board meetings to determine a potential policy change. Outreach efforts include:

  • Continually updated website hub
  • Focus group meetings
  • Member survey
  • Weekly email updates
  • Monthly Tahoe Donner News updates
  • Online feedback form (below)
  • Board meeting comment periods


As the project progresses, watch for an FAQ section to be added soon. We encourage members to provide feedback by completing the form below.