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The Downhill Ski Resort Task Force continues to focus on:

  • Input for ECOsign’s final report, which is due mid-April. This report contains their analysis and summary and will be posted on the TD website for member review.
  • Progress on framework and corresponding station detail for a Member Open House.

Current expectation is to host the event this summer.

  • Development of a DSR business plan, spanning current to future state.
  • Discussion Group sessions are available on member request.

To participate, email gpc@tahoedonner.com

The Task Force’s April 2 meeting focused on the lodge upgrade/replacement strategy, and options regarding recommend sizing. We have received a recent legal opinion that TD must comply with ADA (28CGR36) requirements. Two engineering studies indicate that any attempt to upgrade the current building to ADA standards would trigger necessary upgrades to electrical, mechanical and structural standards. (Note, it was built 47-years ago before these standards existed.) Both engineering firms advised that upgrading would cost more than replacement.

The next question to be addressed is “how big” should the replacement be? The Task Force recognizes that capital funds are limited, member annual assessment should be unaffected and member satisfaction is paramount. This issue will be studied with the objective of designing a building that optimizes the value to members.