Architectural Standards ensures that structures and properties in Tahoe Donner are in harmony with their natural surroundings and benefit the quality of life and property values of association property owners.

The Architectural Standards Office (ASO) assists property owners in understanding and complying with the C&Rs. For information on how to apply for a construction/exterior change project, click here.

2021 Architectural Standards Committee Meeting Schedule, click here.

Coverage Policy as of September 11, 2019, click here.

Update 01/01/2021: Construction hours in Tahoe Donner are now subject to  the Town of Truckee Short-Term and Noise Ordinance 2020-07, click here.

Update 11/24/2020: Please note we are now under winter conditions and will resume inspections the week of June 1, 2021.  Please go ahead and place your inspection request and we will schedule the inspection starting the week of June 1, 2021, or earlier once the snow melts.

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Monday-Friday: 8AM-5PM
Saturday: 9:30AM-6PM
Sunday: Closed

For questions, staff are available remotely at (530) 587-9407 or

A copy of Tahoe Donner’s Covenants Rules can be downloaded online. Please see our Covenants FAQ page for answers to questions that require clarification between local jurisdiction ordinances and association rules.