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Election 2016

About the Tahoe Donner Board of Directors

Tahoe Donner Association is a self–directed common interest development governed by a five-member board of directors; each director is elected for a three-year term. The board governs the financial management and general operation of the association. The annual budget of the association, including revenue, expenses, annual assessments, and required reserve funds are in excess of $18.5 million per year. Operations include the physical management and maintenance of the association’s common areas, operation of the resort amenities, and enforcement of the land-use restrictions and architectural standards that both create and maintain the unique character of Tahoe Donner. Important ongoing business activities include management of the 2030 General Plan, fiscal monitoring of the association’s amenities, approval of the annual budget (operating and reserves), and utilization of open spaces.

Two Director Positions Open for 2016 Election

Applications for candidacy for the two open director positions to be filled in the 2016 election will be available on April 1 in the Member Services office in the Northwoods Clubhouse. Applications may also be mailed or emailed to you upon request; call 530-587-9431 or email

If you have leadership and/or other skills and experience that would serve the association, you are strongly encouraged to consider running for the open position. Qualifications for and responsibilities of directors are posted on the association’s web site at Election procedures are also provided online. If you would like additional information, please contact the Elections Committee at Current members of the board would also welcome your questions; see

NOTE: This FORM, along with a copy of the CERTIFICATE OF OWNERSHIP (RECORDED GRANT DEED) and CONFLICT OF INTEREST STATEMENT must be received either at the elections committee lock box in the Member Services Office at the Northwoods Clubhouse or electronically to electionscommittee@tahoedonner.comno later than 4:00 PM, Monday May 2, 2016. Electronic submissions should be in PDF format.

It is recommended that you not wait until the last minute to transmit your documents electronically. Internet slowness, server problems at your ISP or elsewhere could result in the deadline passing without your documents being received in time.

Note: It is also highly recommended that those who submit their applications electronically call (530) 587-9431 to confirm receipt of the application. Staff will confirm by return e-mail, within one business day, receipt of the application, but not whether it is complete or not.


Qualifications for Serving on the Board of Directors

A candidate must: 1) Be an owner of at least a 25 percent interest in a Tahoe Donner residential property, 2) Be in good standing with the association (all assessments paid and not subject to any suspension of membership privileges). Owners are not eligible if a co-owner of their Tahoe Donner property is currently serving on the board, they are employees of the association or if they have held two consecutive terms of office on the board. There is NO requirement that owners be full-time or part-time residents.

Election Procedures

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