Snowman Building Contest

Snowman Building Contest

Build your snowman and participate in the ninth annual Tahoe Donner Snowman Contest! A family favorite and one of our most popular contests, families and kids definitely don’t want to miss out on this fun contest!


How to Enter

To participate, simply build your own snowman or snow creature, take a photo with you in it and email the photo with a short story about your snow-building adventure, including names of everyone in the picture, to

Please submit only .jpeg files of 300 dpi or higher for printing. Submissions are due by 5 p.m. on SATURDAY, APRIL 1. The best creations will win prizes and be featured on social media and in the Tahoe Donner News.



January 26, 2017

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Save 20% on Your 2017 Summer Wedding

Wedding season is right around the corner and most venues are filling up fast—including us! If you haven’t found the perfect wedding venue and are looking to be married this year, don’t stress just yet. Instead, consider Tahoe Donner. As a Best of Weddings award winner from The Knot and a Best of Lake Tahoe Weddings award winner by Tahoe Unveiled, we are pleased to offer both indoor and outdoor ceremony selections in the picturesque High Sierra with availability to host up to 200 guests at The Lodge Restaurant & Pub.

And the best part? If you book one of the following summer openings for this year at The Lodge, you’ll receive 20% off your site fee and food (excluding all beverages).

Dates available at The Lodge: July 8 and Sept. 2

Date availability is first come, first served. To learn more about this wedding deal and packages available, please call Lisa Tomasi with group sales at 530-582-9643 or email Wedding options can be explored in more detail on the wedding section of our website too.

January 16, 2017

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Wildlife in Your Neighborhood


Tahoe Donner is nestled in a wildland-residential interface area, which means that residents can come in contact with a variety of wildlife including natural predators to the area such a coyote, mountain lion, bobcat, bears, and bird of prey.

Residents should minimize and avoid contact with all wildlife bearing in mind that these are wild animals and their actions cannot be predicted. Should they feel threatened, wildlife may present aggressive behavior including charging and attack.

Management urges all members and guests to respect our wildlife neighbors including bears, mountain lions, bobcats, deer, etc. and protect them as well as your homes and yourself by limiting interaction with them and not unknowingly or knowingly inviting them into your home, garage or decks. Follow a few key best practices to reducing conflict with the wildlife here in Tahoe Donner:

  1. Keep all garbage, food and other items like laundry detergent, lotions, etc. locked in enclosed containers.
  2. Clean out food and food wrappers from cars and secure vehicle and close windows.
  3. Secure house at all times and do not leave your garage door open with trash and/or other items available for animals.
  4. Keep barbecue grills clean.
  5. Keep bird feeders off decks and inaccessible to bears.

For more bear and wildlife awareness information you can visit, Town of Truckee’s Bear Awareness site and Tahoe Wild Bear Council’s site

Tahoe Donner also promotes the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s (CDFW)  campaign of Keep Me Wild. Which advocates proper storage of food and refuse, as well recommending never to feed wild animals. This type of behavior only encourages wild animals to remain near populated areas and change their natural tendency to avoid people.

Recent Sightings

There are recent reported sightings of active coyote packs and footprints of other predators in the meadows and greenbelts of Tahoe Donner, on walking trails such as the Nature Trail near the Northwoods Clubhouse and Trout Creek, and along with areas around the golf course.

Wildlife managers from CDFW have communicated with Tahoe Donner regarding these sightings and concern, and provide the following advice:

  • Always use caution when out in the region and expect to come in contact with wildlife.
  • Keep in mind that there are predators in the area and keep pets and children within eyesight.
  • If you or your pets are approached by an aggressive or fearless coyote, try to frighten it away by shouting in a deep voice, waving your arms, throwing objects at the animal, and looking it directly in the eyes. Stand up if you are seated. If you are wearing a coat or vest, spread it open like a cape so that you appear larger. Retreat from the situation by walking slowly backward so that you do not turn your back on the coyote.
  • If coyotes are seen near your home, teach your children to identify them, recognize the potential for danger, and know what to do if they come in contact with a coyote. California Department of Fish and Wildlife Coyote Wildlife Management Notes
  • If you encounter a mountain lion or bear, do not run. Stand your ground, keep eye contact and make yourself look bigger, perhaps using your jacket or backpack.  Then slowly back away.
  • Should you experience a situation where you believe your life or another’s is at risk of aggressive or immediate danger from wildlife, immediately contact 911 to gain appropriate assistance through emergency dispatch.
  • To report wildlife sightings or nuisance to California Department of Fish and Wildlife by visiting and report the sightings via their online reporting system.
  • The Town of Truckee Animal Services can also help to route animal sightings, questions and/or concerns. Visit or call (530)550-2320 which is the Town of Truckee’s non-emergency dispatch line.

December 30, 2016

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