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Let’s go green! Enroll in our electronic communication’s email opt-in program to receive official communications via email and drop the snail mail. Together, we’ll save money and trees and help the environment by producing less paper waste.

You may log on to to enroll online, or complete and sign the attached document and submit to us via fax or email.

Questions? Send us an email or call us at 530-587-9400, ext. 0.

Note: Paperless communication does not include election materials and/or voting procedures, which must by California law be posted by U.S. Mail.

June 3, 2016

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Town of Truckee Gets New Logo, Branding and Website

The Town of Truckee has a new face with a new vibe. What started as a place-based marketing initiative in 2015 has evolved into a new identity for the town in 2016, consisting of two main parts: a Truckee brand identity and a redesigned website. The Truckee Chamber of Commerce recently debuted the new town branding and identity, complete with a new logo/tagline (pictured above), personality and voice. The new website is also expected to make its introduction sometime this summer.

The goal behind these developments was to find a way to create one comprehensive look and tagline that united the entire town with a new identity. After careful consideration and research, Truckee’s new tagline, “Base camp for a big life” was introduced and will be collectively used by Town of Truckee, Truckee Downtown Merchants Association (TDMA), the Truckee Chamber of Commerce and any other Truckee business who wishes to use the logo and branding, as individually approved by the Truckee Chamber.

The new logo and tagline creates a consistent, authentic message about Truckee that can now be communicated to the public across multiple channels. Businesses interested in using the town’s new branding can reference the Truckee Brand Style Guide and submit a request form, both available online at

June 2, 2016

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Tennis Tips: Neutral, Offensive, Defensive


By Ian Mindell

Tennis is a movement-based sport, yet many of us don’t move enough. What’s that you say? You move all over the place? Ok, let me clarify. We don’t move to the correct spot on the court enough. We don’t move enough after we hit or our partner hits so we end up doing all of the moving after our opponent hits. The question I often get is where a player is supposed to move after they hit. Often, they just stay where they are or go back to the same spot and wait to see what their opponents do.This is problematic in a number of ways.

First, you are creating a movement imbalance by having to do twice as much work after your opponents hit because very little happened after you or your partner hit. This leaves you little time to get your feet set and attempt to hit an effective shot. It tends to feel more like a game of fetch than a planned strategic shot placement. Second, the ability to consistently step into your shot to create easy power and to cut down on the angles is compromised. The lack of recovery movement often leaves you uncertain if you should run forwards, sideways or backwards to get the ball.

So how do we fix this? It is as easy as two simple ideas: V for victory, and the offense, neutral and defensive recovery positions. The V for victory is the movement pattern that you should try to create when you play tennis. Moving on the tennis court from the moment the opponent hits the ball in a V to where the ball is going to be will help get your bodyweight through the shot, cut down on the time your opponent has to recover and react and give you better angles into your opponent’s side of the court.


How do we make the V for Victory movement work? Simple. After you or your partner has hit a shot, make a quick judgment as to what the shot did or did not do to the opponent. For example, if you felt the shot was hit offensively from your side of the court, try to move forward a couple of steps in anticipation of a weak reply. If you felt the shot was hit defensively, look to move back a couple of steps in order to help defend a possible offensive reply from the opponent. This turns your normally reactive tennis game into a proactive one. If you still get caught out of position, try to adjust to a different position on the court the next time a similar situation arises. This way you are always looking to find the ideal spot to recover to each time the ball leaves your side of the court. You are not always going to be in the right spot, so try to move more after you hit, and this will hopefully help solve the puzzle of your opponent’s game and lead you to victory.

See you moving on the courts!

May 31, 2016

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Sierra 4X4 Trails & Ales

Join us for the 2nd annual Sierra 4×4 Trails and Ales event

The TD 4 Wheelers Club will host an afternoon of 4×4 family fun! This event is a chance for you to come out and talk to folks about 4x4s and off-road experiences so that you can see if four wheeling is in your future. You won’t want to miss this fundraising event, which includes kids games, a shine-and-show contest, a raffle, cornhole, beer and BBQ. There will also be four-wheeling vendors and US Forest Service representatives to share information. Proceeds will also be donated to the Tahoe Donner Giving Fund, who will grant proceeds to the Boy and Girls Club of North Lake Tahoe.

WHEN: July 16*
WHERE: Northwoods Clubhouse
TIME: 1 – 4 p.m.

Free to attend; BBQ and beverages sold separately.
SHOW ENTRY: $35 – Register now! Registration is required ONLY for those who are showing a vehicle. Don’t forget to print out the release of liability (pdf) and bring it with you to the event. Your entry includes:

  • A  commemorative beer mug
  • Two beer coupons
  • A Tahoe Donner SWAG bag
  • A event logo T-shirt
  • Participation in the Sunday Trail Run to Bear Valley Loop Trail (July 17)

*Trail run to take place on Sunday, July 17. For more information, email

Sponsorship Opportunities

Are you interested in becoming a sponsor for Sierra 4×4 Trails & Ales? Not only will you be helping in the execution of an amazing event, you’ll also be directly benefiting the Boy and Girls Club of North Lake Tahoe through the Tahoe Donner Giving Fund, an affiliate fund of the Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation, in addition to promoting your own business. Contact Brinn Talbot at 530-587-9425 or by email at for details on sponsorship opportunities.

May 25, 2016

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Early Spring Trail Use

Mountain bikes and heavy tread boots are designed for varied terrain conditions but they can leave trails in a poor state, especially during the late spring when the trails experience a freeze/thaw cycle. Spring runoff from snow can also have lasting effects, often leaving trails waterlogged and susceptible to damage from trail users. There are seasonal times when trails are best left alone by horses, mountain bikers, vehicles, and even hikers.

crazy horse

It can be difficult to accept responsibility for keeping our trail conditions favorable, given our shoulder season feels long and we’re ready to get out there. With so many users and user groups, we need to work together to preserve our trails for many years to come. Over the years, the message of responsible trail usage has shifted. Mountain bikers, hikers and equestrian riders were once told to ride around obstacles, like puddles and logs, but trails widened, new tracks were created, and social trails braided the landscape.


This doesn’t mean that you have to hang up your bike or barn the horses. It only means that you’ll have to research alternatives to soggy single and double-track trails.

For the next couple of weeks, it would be best to stay on south-facing or eastern trails.  Most trails from Alder Creek Adventure Center to the west are muddy and still have large patches of snow.

The Eastern Perimeter trail is running fantastic with spring foliage beginning to bloom. Dirt roads can handle more abuse than our narrow single-track trails and tend to dry out a bit faster. Much of the S.Euer Valley road is dry and provides an excellent opportunity to see Prosser Creek at its highest flows in four years.


May 13, 2016

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