There will be no usage of the tennis facilities until opening day on May 8. 


  1. Members can reserve courts beginning at 7AM one day prior to the desired court time. Guests may begin calling at 12PM to reserve the following day’s court times.
  2. Call (530) 587-9474 and choose Option Two to make your reservation request.
  3. No walk-in court access is allowed.
  4. Calls will be returned if a reservation request cannot be fulfilled.
  5. Any calls received prior to 7AM will be placed in the back of the queue.
  6. Start times will be staggered every 15 minutes beginning at 8AM.
  7. Play cannot begin prior to the 8AM opening time and cannot continue later than the dusk closing time.
  8. A maximum of four groups can reserve each 15-minute start block. This will help reduce backlog at the check-in counter and maintain social distancing requirements.
  9. The maximum length of time a court can be reserved is 90 minutes. This will allow for courts to be sanitized if necessary and will keep players from waiting outside or on courts while other players are still playing.
  10. Singles play from two different households is permitted.
  11. Each singles player must furnish their own set of uniquely marked tennis/pickle balls. (i.e. different brand, number or marked with own initials)
  12. Each player when serving will use their own set of tennis/pickle balls.
  13. Groups of three or more is limited to families and people who reside within the same household. Open to members, member guests and unaccompanied guests with guest card.
  14. We are currently not allowing employees from other departments to access the Tennis Center.
  15. All names and contact information of each participant is needed in case contact tracing is required.
  16. No player under the age of 18 is permitted at the facility without a parent or guardian at any time.