Four candidates ran for two available seats in this year’s election. Benjamin Levine and Jim Roth were elected to a three-year term.
Candidate  Votes
Cheryll Cross 1,088
Jim Roth 1,142
Benjamin Levine 1,415
Eric Klein 998
Total Votes 4,643

To follow is a quorum summary for the 2022 director election:

Type of Ballot  Ballots Cast  Votes Cast
Ballots with Candidate Votes 2,435 4,643
Quorum Purposes Only 32 NA
Totals 2,467 4,643
Members Eligible to Vote 6,473
Required Quorum 25% 1,619

Other Information

Total Ballots Counted 2,467
Disqualified Ballots 13
Total Ballots Received.   2,480