January Update:

We’re currently working to submit an application to Nevada County for our trails five-year implementation plan (5YIP). In early 2013, TDA adopted a Master Plan prepared by the professional transportation and planning firm Alta Planning+Design. The Trails Master Plan provided long-term and general guidance for trails planning, management, maintenance and funding.

With this 5YIP, we intend to move those broad recommendations and guidelines to a project level, providing both jurisdictions sufficient detail to move through the formal entitlement and CEQA processes. Each of the 22 proposed projects are associated with the summer trail system, and exclusive of any public roadway or on-street bikeway improvement.

TDA now encompasses over 7,000 acres in both the Town of Truckee and County of Nevada, including over 4,000 acres of recreation space, and 1,300 acres of common area interspersed throughout the 6,470+ assessed parcels.

The majority of the proposed projects are located within the County of Nevada, particularly the ‘new’ trail projects and many associated with Tahoe Donner’s 2011 acquisition of 482 acres in the Euer Valley, located entirely within the county jurisdictional boundary. Other projects include repair, rehabilitation and improvement of existing trails, as well as improvement and/or expansion of existing trailheads. Stay tuned for project updates as we progress into 2016.

Objective: The Trails Master Plan includes existing and proposed trail systems within Tahoe Donner Association that supports varied membership use, while encouraging exploration and environmental stewardship, via trail networks that protect natural areas, accommodate multiple users, and provide access to significant features, all while providing connectivity throughout Tahoe Donner Association and into the Truckee-Tahoe community.